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Is Your Postman Delivering Too Much? Postman Alternatives

  I've been a long-time user of Postman, and I've seen it grow throughout the years. All I need from Postman is a REST client to check my API endpoints. Recently though, as I opened Postman and had to click through three offers for services I will never use, I started thinking that I should take a survey of alternatives with less bloat and take them for a test drive.  Below are the services I found that serve the purpose of simply sending requests to an API among a few the other features that went into consideration were:  Request History The ability to recall previous requests was second only to sending requests in my priority list while evaluating clients. Post Response Testing If doing repeated testing against an API having the ability to test the responses via JavaScript in the client can save a lot of time.  Collections To go hand-in-hand with post-response testing, collections are a great way to organize requests if you're working with multiple APIs, such as I do as a

You Just Got Vectored! SVG Image Formats

 If you're reading this, then you've come across a need that nearly all Opti developers encounter in their careers; You need to display a vector image format (SVGs and the like) properly, the <IMG> tag just isn't going to cut it anymore. Post like this are a right-of-passage for Opti bloggers. "So," you think "if there are so many other blogs out there on the topic, why should I read yours?" Firstly, you enjoy my familiar and conversational tone of writing. Cary Elwes does the English accent, I do the nerd stuff. Second, you've already come this far, you might as well finish as this point, it's not long, I promise. To that point, and most importantly, I've seen some complex solutions out there, this one is a quick and simple implementation. 100% Guarantee! The VectorFile class: [MediaDescriptor(ExtensionString = "svg")]     public class VectorFile : ImageData     {         public override Blob Thumbnail { get => BinaryData;