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Optimizely Gets More (Case-)Sensitive

As Windows developers, we don't always have to pay attention to capitalization when dealing with paths and URIs. With CMS12, Optimizely has started deploying to a Linux container for hosting sites. This means that deployed sites (and developers!) will have to pay attention to capitals in references. Inconsistent capitalization can cause 404 errors in unexpected places. Thankfully there's a few ways to handle that!  The worst part of this is that developers won't be able to find these issues until deployed to Azure, with Windows, being case in-sensitive and all. Once named, files and folders can be difficult to change in git. Below are some ways to help rename your files so that they'll play nicely in Linux. Rename via Git mv Command   One way to update capitalization is by the git mv command. In you git command shell:  git mv <source> <target> This command will rename a file or folder, however it still runs in the context of Windows. If you want to simply ch